Friday, October 14, 2016

Temperate mixed forests

Temperate mixed forests accommodate coniferous trees along with broad-leaves trees in a various proportions.

The temperate mixed forest biome is most extensive in the northern hemisphere. It reaches its greatest extent in eastern Asia, where it stretches from Manchuria more than 3000 km to southern China and across the Korean peninsula to Japan.

Much of the eastern United States is dominated by temperate mixed forest, except for the Ohio Valley, Middle Atlantic, and Appalachian Mountain regions, which are primarily classified as temperate deciduous forest.

Maple tree (Acer sp.)
In temperate mixed forest, natural and man-made small scale disturbances produce canopy openings that are an important source of heterogeneity in forest understory light regimes and play a critical role in determining patterns of tree regeneration.

The canopy structure in mixed pine-oak forest was characterized using hemispherical photography technique.

Plant species found in these forests include broadleaf trees such as maple and birch as well as conifers such as pines and firs.
Temperate mixed forests
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