Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mediterranean forests

Climates where precipitation is concentrated in the winter, and in which total precipitation is less than approximately 1000 mm/year, are called Mediterranean.

Where there is sufficient precipitation to support trees, Mediterranean forests are composed of evergreen broad-leaved species and drought-tolerant conifers (especially pines).
Violent rainfalls are also common and large year-to-year variability of total rainfall, as well as frequent strong and dry winds, favor the spread of forest fires.

Mediterranean forests provide a wide variety array for services. Wood forest products are surely important but often represent a small part of them and non-wood forest products (such as cork in Portugal and in Tunisia, honey in Lebanon) can sometimes be more important.

Watershed protection, landscape quality, soil conservation, recreation resources are among some of the public goods and externalities provided by Mediterranean forests.
Mediterranean forests
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