Friday, February 10, 2017

Definition of desert biome

A desert is made of ecosystem. In an ecosystem, plants, animals, land, water and air work together.

A desert is one of many types of biomes on planet earth. A biome is a large area with similar plant life and climate throughout. The major biomes of the world are tundra, grassland, forest, marine, freshwater and desert.
Most of the deserts biome occurs between 10° and 35° latitude (for example the Sahara and Kalahari Deserts), in the interior parts of continents (e.g. Australia, Mongolia and in the rain shadow of young fold mountains as in parts of Peru and Nepal.

In the desert biome, a community of unique plants and animals have adapted to the dry climate. The plants and animals depend on one another. They depend on the land, water and air as well.

Desert plants provide shelter and food for desert animals. Animals help plants by spreading their seeds throughout the desert. But some deserts have such harsh conditions that almost no plants and animals live there.
Definition of desert biome
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